Comments on accusations against Julian Assange.


The strange case of the WikiLeaks editor
and the Swedish prosecutor


Since August of 2010, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been ensnared in a legal drama that originated in Sweden and expanded to include the United Kingdom, where he has been under strict court-ordered surveillance and control since December of that year.

During the same period, Assange has been subjected to escalating threats of assassination and imprisonment from powerful interests in the United States due to WikiLeaks disclosures, many of which involve the superpower’s violations of human rights and international law.

This section of NNN’s website is concerned primarily with the Swedish proceedings against Julian Assange and includes the following elements:

Case History
A chronological account of the Swedish accusations and British extradition process, from their origins in August of 2010 to a U.K. Supreme Court hearing in February of 2012.

Update: Assange Still Under Siege in London
Although the Swedish pursuit of Julian Assange was discontinued in May 2017, nearly seven months later he remained under siege in Ecuador's London embassy. That and related matters are discussed in this status report dated 7 January 2018. (PDF)

Sequence of Events
A brief overview of important events and developments relating to the case.

Police Interviews
Protocols of the original police interviews which contain vital information about the Swedish accusations against Assange.

A variety of information sources relating to the case.

Questions & Comments
An open forum for discussion of the case and its broader implications.

Även på svenska

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7 January 2018

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