Swedish flag
Swedish soldiers participate in annual USA/NATO exercise aimed at Russia.

"Cold Response" is an annual military exercise in northern Scandinavia,
one of many in which Sweden participates since it began col-
laborating with USA/NATO via Partnership for "Peace".



Nearly two centuries of military non-alliance came to an end when Sweden entered the European Union in 1995 and, a few years later, joined the falsely labelled Partnership for Peace operated by NATO, the so-called North Atlantic Treaty Organization (which currently extends to the South Pacific and the China’s Yellow Sea). The effect was to transform the once peace-loving country into a vassal-state of the constantly expanding U.S. empire and its correspondingly expansive military colossus.

The transformation has taken place without the informed consent of the Swedish people, in a process that has been described as a “tyranny of small steps”. That process was the focus of a project conducted in Sweden during 2008 - 2010. Entitled “Stoppa smyganslutningen till Nato” (“Stop the Furtive Accession to NATO!”), the project generated a body of knowledge that is archived on this website.

Most of the project materials are in Swedish, but a few items are also available in English via the links below. The principal document is From Neutrality to NATO, which charts the tyranny of small steps from World War II to December of 2010; it was subsequently updated with a summary and analysis of developments to September of 2012. Also available in English are a history of the project and four contributions to its open forum.

From Neutrality to NATO
On the ”tyranny of small steps” leading Sweden into the military alliance, from the close of World War II to September of 2012.

Project History
Abridged version of project history in English. (PDF: 725 KB)

Open Letter to Swedish Institute of International Affairs
On the use of this prestigious, publicly subsidized institution as a channel for USA/NATO propaganda; includes basic facts about the origins and real purpose of the military alliance. (PDF: 215 KB)

War for the Sake of War
The U.S. war against Afghanistan is in its eleventh year, and the question is why it has been pursued at such great cost for so long. This analysis by Håkan Wiberg suggests that war, in itself, has become essential to preservation of the United States' status as superpower, and that NATO has become increasingly important for the maintenance of U.S. military dominance. (PDF: 510 KB)

Legal Aspects of Aggressive War against Afghanistan
Prof. Francis A. Boyle, a leading U.S. authority on international law, explains why the war against Afghanistan is a “supreme crime against peace”, according to the Nuremberg Principles imposed by the United States and its allies on the losing side of World War II. (PDF: 370 KB)

NATO's nuclear “obligations” — to whom?
The Strategic Concept of the military alliance, currently under review, includes the use of nuclear weapons as an option. Rae Street explains the issues involved. (PDF: 220 KB)

Project materials in Swedish

22 September 2012

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