Olof Palme (centre) marching alongside a visiting
ambassador from Vietnam, in a 1968 demonstration
against the U.S. war of aggression in Indochina.
Death of a
Troublesome Socialist

“In Sweden it is probably only Social Democrats
who mourn that conceited character. As for me,
I smoked a cigar in a haze of euphoria on
March 1st 1986 to celebrate Sweden's
liberation from its Communist dictator.”

--  Swedish Conservative politician


After 25 years, the investigation into Olof Palme's assassination has not made much progress -- possibly because it has been conducted by loyal colleagues of the assassins.…

The most exhaustive and meticulous study of official negligence to date was published in 1995 by the brothers Kari and Pertti Poutiainen, physicists who applied their scientific method to the available information. Entitled Inuti labyrinthen (“Inside the Labyrinth”), their study reveals a pattern of astonishing blunders, destruction of vital evidence and violations of routine procedure by both the police and the security service, all of which had the effect of facilitating the assassin's escape and hindering the subsequent investigation.

The Poutiainen brothers could draw no firm conclusions about the actual murder: The systematic confusion and negligence which they document has rendered a solution of the murder unlikely. But they do have strong suspicions about which interests had the necessary means, opportunity and, above all, motive to assassinate Olof Palme.

They note that Palme was one of four Social Democratic national leaders deemed especially troublesome by the international anti-communist crusade. Three of them were abruptly removed from power during the 1970s through the intercession of the C.I.A. and/or co-operating national intelligence agencies: Harold Wilson in England, Willy Brandt in Germany, and Gough Whitlam in Australia.

In the case of Olof Palme's assassination, the United States has been the elephant in the living room that prudent souls decline to mention.…

From Death of a Troublesome Socialist
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